7.03665.66.0 - ELECTRIC WATER PUMP



Condition  :  Brand New 
Linked Vehicles   :  BMW 
    1 (F20, F21)
2 (F23, F22, F87)
3 (F30, F80, F34)
4 (F33, F83, F32, F82, F36)
5 (F10, F11)
X1 (E84)
X3 (F25)
X4 (F26)
Z4 (E89)

Product Description :This electric water pump delivers the perfect blend of power and efficiency. Designed for BMW vehicles, it features an advanced electric motor that kicks into high gear when you need it most, pushing water through your cooling system at optimal speeds to keep your engine running smoothly. The heavy duty construction ensures years of reliable performance, while the compact size allows for easy installation. With a simple electrical connection, this pump provides quiet, vibration-free operation to minimise noise and distractions, keeping you focused on the drive ahead. Designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, this pump is a smart upgrade to maintain the optimal performance you expect from your luxury vehicle.

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