Bosch Spark Plug FR6HI33


BOSCH Spark plug, Double Platinum 

Other Number   :  FR6HI332
 Linked Vehicles   :  Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda

Product Description : The Bosch FR6HI33 spark plugs deliver lightning-fast performance for your Volkswagen, Seat or Skoda. Crafted from a premium metal blend for maximum durability, these double platinum spark plugs fire at the exact moment needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture for optimum power and efficiency. The laser-welded platinum tips ensure consistent, reliable sparking to keep your engine running smoothly and reduce misfires that waste fuel. Simply put, these high-tech spark plugs optimise ignition timing to unleash every last ounce of power from your engine. Slip them in, rev your engine and experience the electrifying results for yourself.

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